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UiB’s licensed software is not always available for students.

Normally, the licenses cover software on student computers on UiB’s PC-labs, but not on student’s private computers. Further UiB cannot install site-licensed software on computers that students use on field work, trips abroad etc, even if the computers are owned by UiB. Here you will find a list of available licensed software that UiB-students can install on private computers: https://www.tjinfo.uib.no/program. In addition ArcGIS is also available, but the installation-CD must personally be picked up at the IT-department.

This means:

  • Free software or freeware should be standard on UiB-computers used by students outside the UiB-campus/network. There are free alternatives in most areas, i.e. OpenOffice (text editor, spreadsheets, presentation tools, databases etc.), IrfanView or GIMP (image editing), and R (statistics software). Check out our freeware pages.
  • UiB-computers that are lended to students (either Windows or Mac) and will be used outside the UiB-network, must use the preinstalled operating system that came with the computer. If the OS need to be upgraded a new license must be acquired.
  • If students have to use software that needs a license outside the UiB-network, the institute or student must buy a license themselves. Note that there are different types of licenses. Students may purchase software from Adobe and Microsoft via studentlisens.no (NB! Employees can only buy Microsoft-software on these pages).

If you have any further questions concerning license regulations or alternatives to commercial software, post a new issue on https://bs.uib.no.