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IT issues?

  • The PC-assistants will primarily provide support to students. Where the PC-assistants are lokated is listed further down on this page.
  • Issue-tracker is used to register and follow up IT issues and questions to the PC assistans
  • Help yourself to the graetest extent possible by searhing the pages at IT-help.

Here you find the PC-assistants

You find reference in bold (numbers and letters) to the map below the table.

Faculty of Humanities 41 Sydneshaugen school, room 317

Sydnesplass 9

Kl. 8-18 mon.-fri.
Faculty of Humanities 40 HF-building, room 303,

Sydnesplass 7

Kl. 8-16 mon.-fri.
The Arts Library 37 Haakon Sheteligs plass 7 Kl. 11-18 mon.-fri.
Faculty of Law 44 Information Centre

Magnus Lagabøtes plass 1

Kl. 8-18 mon.-fri.
Faculty of Social Sciences 23 Ulrike Pihls house, room 412

Professor Keysers gate 1

Kl. 8-20 mon.-fri.
Kl. 10-18 sat.
Kl. 12-19 sun.
The Social Sciences Library 18 Fosswinckels gate 14 Kl. 12-18 mon.-fri.
Faculty og Math. and Nat. Sc. 8 Realfagbygget, room 1004


Kl. 8-18 mon.-fri.
Fac. of Math. and Nat. Sc. 1 HIB, room 1108 (beyond room 1107)

Thormøhlensgt. 55

Kl. 8-18 mon.-fri.
Fac. of Med. & Dent. And Fac. of Psych. B BB-building, room 2A111

Jonas Lies vei 91

Kl. 8-17 mon.-fri.
Fac. of Med. & Dent. E Årstadveien 21, room 139A Kl. 12-18 mon., wed. and fri.
Fac. of Med. & Dent. C HUS, Camera Decani 6513B, beside Stort Aud.

Jonas Lies vei 65

Kl. 8-18 mon. and tue.

Kl. 8-17 thu. and fri.

Fac. of Psychology 22 Christiesgt. 12, room 005 Kl. 8-18 mon.-fri.


What the PC-assistants can help you with

  • Questions about IT in your studies
  • All issues about PC-labs, student printers and UoBs IT services
  • Connecting private computers to the wireless network and printing service
  • Easy help on My Space, Webmail, Sebra and standard software
  • Help with computers managed by the IT department at the UoB
  • Solve or pass on issues in Issue-tracker
  • Supervise the printers (refill toner and paper)

What the PC-assistants can not help you with

  • Private computer equipment, other than connecting it to UoBs VPN-network or using UoBs IT services
  • Study guidance
  • Support by telephone
  • Questions not assosiated with the IT services
  • Issues that require administrators rights on a UoB computer