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If you have trouble connecting to the printer queues, you can ask an IT-assistant (or [[BRITA]] if you are an employee) or you can register an issue at http://bs.uib.no.
If you have trouble connecting to the printer queues, you can ask an IT-assistant (or [[BRITA]] if you are an employee) or you can register an issue at http://bs.uib.no.
=== If the print fails ===
Students will only be charged for print jobs that have started on a printer. However, note that when you log on using your student card, the whole available amount on your payprint account is reserved. In case of an abruption caused by an error on the printer, the amoount will still be reserved. The best to do in such cases is to contact an IT-assistant and have the problem fixed on the printer. If you go to another printer, the amount will still be reserved.
== Printing from home or private computers on campus  ==
== Printing from home or private computers on campus  ==

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Payment and prices

Web payment - payprint.uib.no

In order to use the PullPrint system, you must have a minimum amount of NOK 1,- deposited on your print account. Normally you visit http://payprint.uib.no (available when connected to the campus network or via VPN, when logged into your uib account on a windows-computer), and pay with Visa or MasterCard. This webpage requires authentication with the same user name and password that you would use to log on to Studentportalen. If you do not already have a valid VISA card or Master Card, you may purchase an anonymous SpendOn VISA gift card at all Narvesen, 7-Eleven og Shell/7-Eleven, and at most Kiwi, Joker, Meny, SPAR og Coop stores. Read more about this here: SpendOn or see summary below.

Please note that you can not withdraw unused funds from your print account, so do not deposit too much at a time.

SpendOn Gavekort is a Visa card that can be used in 25 million locations worldwide - including online stores. It may be purchased at any Narvesen, 7-Eleven and Shell / 7-Eleven. Here you can top it up with any amount between NOK 200,- and NOK 2000,- (norwegian kroner).

SpendOn Gavekort of values NOK 500,- and NOK 1000,- may also be purchased at Kiwi, Joker, Meny, SPAR and COOP stores across the country.

NB! When you buy a card, there is a NOK 39,- deposit fee in addition to the charge amount. The card can not be refilled or topped up after you have spent the initial balance.

The use of the card is free for the first 3 purchases with the card. After that there is a charge of NOK 3,- per transaction. Please note that there is a monthly administration fee of NOK 10,- from the 7th month after the date of sale. Administration fee increases to NOK 50,- per month after the card expiration date. If the gift card is used abroad it will be charged a foreign exchange fee of 2%.

It is not possible to use the card in an ATM.

To check your available balance, go to this page and enter the “Kunde-ID” of your card. http://www.spendon.no/gavekort/mitt-gavekort.aspx (“Kunde-ID” is the number in white print in the lower left corner on the backside of your card.)

The prices for copying and printing are specified below, but scanning is free of charge. Note that you can not scan if you do not have credits in your print account.

Prices for students

The prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK). Both paper sheets and prints are charged. If the back side of a sheet is blank, this will be counted as a single-page. All pages printed with color will be charged the price for color print. Pages printed without color will be charged as black / white.

For instance, if a three page document with e.g. one colored line on page 3 (and black/white only on the two first) is sent to the printer as A4 double-page color, the two first pages will be charged as double-sided black/white, and the third page will be charged as single-page color, plus the sheets themselves. With the current prices, this should be: 0,20(B/W) + 0,20(B/W) + 1,00(color) + 0,30(sheet) + 0,30(sheet) = 2,00 NOK

Students will be granted a 50 page worth (black and white, double-sided) to their print account each year. In practice, this means you get 6,00 NOK for free on your print account each semester. The amount will be transferred to your print account some time after the deadline for registration for courses and exams.

If you think you have been wrongly charged when printing, please contact the IT department, including precise information about the time and preferrably the name/ID of the printer used, so we can check our log files.

NOTE: Departments will be billed (by the Studentprint project, 221000) if employees use student printers. Prices are listed on the Norwegian version of this page.

Prices from 1st February 2014

Per sheet black and white, per printed page Color, per printed page
A4 0,30 +0,10 +1,00
A3 0,40 +0,20 +2,00


Pullprint printer queues

Please note! All student printers are of the Ricoh brand, and all campus student computers have the print queue PullPrintRicoh installed. Please use PullPrintRicoh exclusively, when you want to collect your printouts at a Ricoh printer!

Black and white duplex printing is the default, but you may select color and/or simplex if needed.

A print queue is the "channel" print jobs are sent through on the way from the PC to the printer. As the name suggests, the queue makes sure that print jobs from different users are sent to the printer in order. In addition, a software called a driver makes the print job ready to be printed. For technical reasons, it isn't possible to send all types of print jobs through the same queue in the Pullprint system. This is the reason why we have several PullPrint-queues (for each brand of printers). It is not recommended to send print jobs to the HP queues and try to collect them at Ricoh printers and vice versa.

Here are the most used queues and an explanation:

Server: pullprint.uib.no

Queue name Paper format Colour? Printer brand File type
PullPrintHP A4 / A3 black/color HP all
PullPrintRicoh A4 / A3 black/color HP all

The bold text represents default values. The other alternatives have to be selected in the properties dialogue for each print job.

If you have trouble connecting to the printer queues, you can ask an IT-assistant (or BRITA if you are an employee) or you can register an issue at http://bs.uib.no.

Printing from home or private computers on campus