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[[Category:Private computer]]
[[Category:Private computer]]

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ADSL broadband for employees and students at UiB

UiB has a framework agreement for the provision of ADSL for students and staff with Ventelo.

New order of ADSL subscribers

Subscription payed by UiB

Employees who have the subscription payed by UiB shall use this form via the IT department (log in with your unix password). Agreement price for UiB is a standard subscription with speed 6000/1000 Kbps.

Private subscription

Employees and students who are going to pay for their private subscription, can take advantage of the new agreement, and can book directly on these pages: (In areas without Ventelo infrastructure, read more and check whether you have coverage on the ordering pages.)

Order of ADSL-agreemnet at Ventelo for employees

3500/640 Kbps NOK 249,-
4500/640 Kbps NOK 259,-
6000/1000 Kbps NOK 279,-
20/1 Mbps (ADSL 2+) NOK 352,-

Order og ADSL agreement at Ventelo for students

1500/500 Kbps NOK 239,-
2500/640 Kbps NOK 259,-
3500/640 Kbps NOK 299,-
4500/640 Kbps NOK 329,-
6500/640 Kbps NOK 349,-
20/1 Mbps (ADSL 2+)NOK 399,-

IT department does not provide support on technical problems related to the Home Office contract. Questions regarding the delivery and / or technical issues should be addressed to Ventelo: tel: 03 222 e-mail: Ventelo.