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Basic Services

Price per user per year (free for UiB employees). Prices are adjusted annually according to the increase in prices and prices in UiB's budget. The services can only be ordered together for a whole environment by agreement.

  • Standard services NOK 10 792
  • 1st line client operation (Windows / Linux client) NOK. 1 978
  • User Support NOK 6 305

Operation of services

Yearly prices; unless otherwise noted.

  • Virtual server operation NOK 7,000, -
    • For extra CPU NOK 1500, -
    • For extra 2 GB NOK 500, -
  • Operation of physical server NOK 10,000, -
  • Operation of services up to NOK 20 per year NOK 10,000, -


Yearly prices; unless otherwise noted.


Yearly prices; unless otherwise noted.

  • License for information screen PC (ex Scala player, can control multiple screens) NOK 3,000, -

Time Work

  • Hourly rate NOK 775 per. elapsed hour

Telephone services

Subscription, per year: ISIN

  • With access to local dialing only: NOK 1130
  • With access to dialing national numbers: NOK 1460
  • With access to dial foreign numbers: NOK 1600
  • Skype for Business: NOK 1250

From 2019, it will not be possible to have a regular office phone, but special features will be able to have a landline phone. These will be billed for device cost:

  • Standard office equipment, IP NOK 1,000
  • Advanced office equipment, IP (6737i): NOK 1,600
  • Wireless IP device w/ charger: NOK 3,100 & nbsp;