Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)

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MSDNAA makes it possible for IT-students to gain access to free software from Microsoft to use for educational purposes.

There are two professional communities at UiB who have made an agreement with Microsoft:

  • The Department of Informatics
  • The Department of Computer and Media Science.

Further information can about these agreements can be found at webpages at Microsoft

In short terms, the agreement states the following:

  • The agreement will grant students and employees at the departments access to Microsoft software. This includes OS, applications, developer tools and much more.
  • The products are to be used for educational and research purposes only.
  • Students will gain access to a “webshop”, where they can download these products.
  • Each user/student may only download each product one time. If they are in need of a new download, they need to have their download reset by a local administrator.
  • The download is free of charge as the departments pay an annual subscription fee.

The local administrators are:

Master students: Send your request to and fill in your full name, username, the name of your instructor and your study program.
You may also contact your instructor or research group for further assistance.
Technical staff: Any requests for access should be forwarded to
The Department strives towards giving accounts to all students (including bachelor) registered at courses in informatics at the start of each semester.
All students will be notified of this through their UiB-mail account.
There may occur situations where this has not been done.In that case, the user should contact the Department in order to gain access.
Students that are not registered to at least one course in Informatics, will not be given access.
  • The Department of Information and Media Sciences:
Students should forward their request to Rune Arntsen who is responsible for assigning usernames and passwords.
Terje Thue is responsible for the technical staff and for the administration of the agreement and its programs.

Note: The IT-Department is not responsible for anything regarding these agreements and simply reciting the information given to us.

We ask that all requests are forwarded to the departments themselves.