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Mac OS X is the operating system found on all laptop and desktop computers from Apple Inc. Apple or Wikipedia can provide you with more information about Mac OS X.

There are a few Mac OS X computer labs at UiB. One such lab is at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and can be used by film and TV students.

Mac OS X Managed Clients At UiB

The Mac client setup entails:

  • That the latest available operating system compatiable with the computer is installed.
  • All users log in using their UiB username and password. When the password information is changed on, it will be updated on the computer, when it is connected to the UiB network by cable.
  • Standard software.
  • A Software Center, called Managed Software Update, where you can find software packages ready for installation.
  • VPN and eduroam is pre-configured, you only need to authenticate with your username and password.
  • An automatic connection to your home folder.
  • MS Outlook is configured automatically for all users with an Exchange/ Outlook membership, provided it is installed. Note: Libre Office is the standard Office Suite. If you want MS Office, which includes MS Outlook, you must ask for this.
  • Apple Mail is configured automatically.
  • Pre-installed PullPrint pinter queues.
  • TeamViwer QuickSupport is installed, enabling BRITA to help you by remote control.
  • BRITA will have an account on the computer, for troubleshooting and such.

Yet To Come

  • Hard drive encryption on portable devices.

Advantages To Having a Managed Client:

  • Support.
  • Access to the wired UiB network.
  • Free OS X upgrades.
  • Reminders when new system updates are available. (Via Managed Software Update.)
  • Reminders when new software updates are available, for software installed through the system by the IT department, and for software installed by use of Managed Software Update.
  • As a Mac client user you can suggest further software packages you want the IT department to make and manage.

Important Information

  • You can change settings, install programs from other sources etc, even if you have a client computer.
  • The licenses the IT-department have purchased for OS X can only to be used on managed clients. When a operating system upgrade is requested, the computer in question will therefore be set up as a client. * If you do not want a client managed by the IT department, you must purchase a license and install the upgrade yourself.
  • The IT department will only provide support if the computer is a managed client.