Connecting to your Windows home directory in Ubuntu Linux

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  • First you must find the path to your windows home directory by either clicking on your name in Issue-tracker or making an issue requesting this information.
  • Either click ctr+l in the home folder in your computer or find go and enter location in the top menu in the home folder.
  • Write the full path of your Windows home directory preceded by smb:// in the go to field.

Win home nautilus.png

  • Write yourUiBusername
  • Domain should be UIB if you are en employee and STUDENT if you are a student
  • Use yourUiBpassword

Settings win home.png

  • You should now be able to connectg to your Windows home directory.
  • To add this as a bookmark you click Bookmark in the top menu in Home folder as shown in the picture below.


  • A bookmark will then appear in the left menu in the sidebar.

Sidebar win home.png