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{{under construction}}
{{under construction}}
== Rooms available: ==
== Rooms available: ==
* [[Videokonferanserom Stein Rokkans hus]]
* [[Video conference room Stein Rokkans]]
* [[Videokonferanserom Sydnesplass 12/13]]
* [[Video conference room Sydnesplass 12/13]]
* [[Fjernundervisning/videokonferanserom Realfagsbygget]]
* [[Distance education / Video conference room Realfagsbygget]]

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Rooms available:

Book a room:

To book a video conference room, please visit this site: videoconference.uib.no

Please type in the name and telephone number for the UiB-user when booking a room. This can be done using the title field when booking.

Employees at UiB have access to the rooms using their accescards between 0700 and 2000 monday-friday. For video conferences outside these times you need to borrow an access card from the IT-department.

We anticipate that the rooms are utilized by self-service. If you need first time guidance you should contact the IT-department at this site: bs.uib.no