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* [[VPN configuration in Mac OS X Tiger]]
* [[VPN configuration in Mac OS X Tiger]]
* [[VPN configuration in Mac OS X Leopard]]
* [[VPN configuration in Mac OS X Leopard]]
* [[VPN configuration in Linux Ubuntu 9.10]]

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VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) services based on PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol)

is the selected solution to maintain security and control over the wireless network at UiB.

VPN can also be used from the Internet at home or elsewhere to give you access to a range of servers and services at the UiB.

VPN dialer Windows XP

This program will create the necessary settings for connecting to UiB through an encrypted VPN tunnel from the Internet,

the campus WLAN, the student homes or UiB-NextGentel ADSL.

The installer for this dialer is made for an English version of Windows XP, but may also work for other languages.

Download VPN Dialer (0,6MB)

Note: You need to have the same password on Windows and Unix for the VPN dialler to work. You can change your passwords in SEBRA.

Setting up VPN manually

If you have problems using the VPN dialler, you can set up VPN manually:

Guides for VPN-configuration to UiB can be found in this list: Well not yet, but will hopefully come soon