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Summer 2013

Please be aware that there are no IT-assistants engaged from 23 June to 11 August. The IT-assistants phones will be answered.

Information and pictures of buildings and rooms at UiB

On this page you will find information about, and pictures of, buildings and rooms that are available at UiB. This information comes from the booking system Syllabus. If you cannot find the room you are looking for please contact the Department of Estate and Facilities Management (EIA) or the relevant faculty for more information.

  • Malfunctions and defects unrelated to the use of electronic lecturing equipment must be reported to Behovsmelding EIA.


We encourage all users to try out the equipment in the rooms in advance. If necessary, consult with the contacts listed below for demonstration, you can also leave a note on: If you are unable to contact them, call second line support in lecture rooms tel. 555 88587. Further information about IT-assistants here.

Faculty of Humanities

Data-/IT-assistance Sydneshaugen skole & HF-building Tel. 555 89004


Data-/IT-assistance UBBHF Tel. 555 89002

Faculty of Law

Data-/IT-assistance Tel. 555 89501

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Data-/IT-assistance RFB Tel. 555 84110
Data-/IT-assistance HIB Tel. 555 89405

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

IT-assistants that provide data-/IT-assistance for UiB equipment will normally not give support on equipment that is the property of Helse Vest. (The IT-assistants may be contacted in an emergency.)

Building: Who can help you:
AHH Data-/IT-assistance AHH Tel. 555 83998
BBB Data-/IT-assistance BBB Tel. 555 89409
Sentralblokken Data-/IT-assistance AHH Tel. 555 83998
(Old Main building)
Only UiB-equipment
Dentistry building Data-/IT-assistance Odont Tel. 555 83997

Faculty of Psychology

Data-/IT-assistance Christies gate 12 and 13 : Tel. 555 84705
Data-/IT-assistance BBB 8th floor (9. etg.): Tel. 555 89409

Faculty of Social Sciences

Data-/IT-assistance Tel. 555 89187


Data-/IT-assistance Tel. 555 89098

Other buildings

Data-/IT-assistance Studentsenteret, Parkveien 1: Tel. 555 89187
Data-/IT-assistance Thormøhlensgate 51 (Bergen Science centre): Tel. 555 89405

Contacts at the IT-department

If you have other questions regarding the use of the auditoriums / lecture rooms, you can also contact us by phone 555 88587. Specific issues should be reported in the Issue-tracker on

Contacts for the various faculties are: