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Software Center

To find the Software Center on your computer please look for this application in the start menu:

Sofware center logo.jpg

The Ubuntu Softwarecenter uses a concept that is similar to those seen when installing apps using Google Play, Appstore, etc.

Ubuntu Softwarecenter makes it possible to:

  • Install and uninstall software applications.
  • Buy software applications.
  • Write reviews on software applications.

Software center start.jpg

Installing software applications

To install an application, you can the search field to the right if you know the name of the application, E.G audacity.

To read more about the program before installing it, press "More info.

Software center install.jpg

Choosing Source

If you wish to limit your search when looking for applications, you can limit the number of sources, by clicking on the arrow beside the menupoint All Software. The standard setup is to search through all sources, but you can alter you sources if you wish to only look for software from a specific source, E.G UiB.

*Note: You do not have access to add your own sources.

Software center choose.jpg

Removing applications

To remove an application, look up the application in the same way as when you first installed it. You will see that the "Install" button is replaced with "Remove" in order for you to uninstall the application.

Not able to find the application you were looking for?

Try choosing "Show technical items" at the bottom of the Software Center Window.

Technical items.png

If you are still not able to find the application, it might not be ready for distribution or you do not have access to it.

Please contact us through UiBhjelp, or on phone 55584700, requesting that to be made available.

You will be notified when the application is ready to be installed from you softwarecenter.

Note: Licensed will only be avaliable on those computers that have the rights to use that particular software.