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Ubuntu Softwarecenter
Installing an application using Ubuntu Softwarecenter
Specific information about an application in Ubuntu Softwarecenter

Employees that are using Ubuntu 11.10 or Ubuntu version that post-date that version, can install/remove software applications themselves. This is done using Softwarecenter.


The Ubuntu Softwarecenter uses a concept that is similar to those seen when installing apps using Google Play, Appstore, etc.

Ubuntu Softwarecenter makes it possible to:

  • Install and uninstall software applications.
  • Buy software applications.
  • Write reviews on software applications.

Installing software applications

To install an application, you can the search field to the right if you know the name of the application, E.G audacity.

To read more about the program before installing it, press "More info.

Velge kilde

If you wish to limit your search when looking for applications, you can limit the number of sources. The standard setup is to search through akk