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Ubuntu on managed computer


On managed computers we install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is an operating system that will be supported for 5 years.

The graphical shell Unity

Launcher bfb.png

Unity is Ubuntu's own graphical shell based on Gnome 3. Unity can run in two modes, 3D (using Compiz as the default window manager) and 2D (using Metacity as the default window manager).

3D mode only works with video cards that have sufficiently fast 3D performance and good enough drivers.

Ubuntu tries to automatically use 2D mode if necessary. To learn more about Unity click here



To install software, use the Ubuntu Software Center.

Ubuntu Software Center can be opened by pressing “ALT + F2” and typing “software centre”, and pressing enter.

In Ubuntu Software Center you will find available software. There are search options as well.

To learn more about the software centre click here.

You can also install software directly in Terminal using sudo apt-get commands.

Monitor / Display settings

There are three different monitor configurations that are handy to know about.

1. Laptop / Laptop with additional monitor

2. Desktop / Desktop with additional monitor

3. Projector

There are also two different display modes to choose from when an additional monitor is available.

1. Extended display

2. Clone display

Ubuntu will normaly automatically detects the monitors in use.

To learn more about configuring a display in Ubuntu click here


Network Printers

1. Choose the function “print” in the program you are using.

2. Choose a printer (standard printer is pullprint).

3. Locate the printer and swipe your card.