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This wiki provides a shallow description of certain functions that are a part of the operating system Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

User Interface


Unity, the Ubuntu 12.04 user interface, can run on 3D-mode or 2D-mode.

The 3D mode is only available when sufficient drives are in use, and when a graphics card, with sufficiently fast 3D-functionality, is in use.

If necessary, the operating system will automatically attempt to use the 2D-mode.

To learn more about Unity click here



To install software, use the Ubuntu software centre.

The software centre program can be opened by pressing “ALT + F2”, typing “software centre”, and pressing enter.

The software centre allows you to scroll through available programs and search for specific programs.

To learn more about the software centre click here.

Monitor settings

There are three different monitor configurations that are handy to know about.

1. Laptop/Laptop with additional screen

2. Stationary/Stationary with additional screen

3. Projector

There are also two different display modes to choose from when an additional screen is available.

1. Extended display

2. Clone display

Ubuntu automatically detects the mointors in use.

To learn more about configuring a display in Ubuntu click here


Network Printers

Printing from Ubuntu client machines is done the same manner as on other client machines

1. Choose the function “print” in the program you are using.

2. Choose a printer.

3. Locate the printer and swipe your card.

Local Printers

It is possible to use local printers for some Ubuntu clients, mainly laptops, via CUPS’s administrator tools. This is a graphic tool that runs via the web browser, and can be reached by going to