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There is academic license on TopSpin. This means that students and employees at UiB can use the program on their own machine.


Client Hosted Windows PC

TopSpin is installed from Windows - Software Center. If you do not find the software, please report an issue via, or call 555 84700 (for employees). Remember to enter machine name. NB! "Bruker" has changed the licensing for the academic license so that the version currently in the Windows Software Center will not work. New version will come.

Privat and student PC

You must create an account (register) at to download the software. You can do this on this page Use your UiB email address to access the academic license.

Once you have registered and / or logged in to User, download the program from this page

Here you also generate "activation ticket" which you will need to activate the license.

Manuals (also installation manual) and technical documentation can be found here

'NB!' You must be logged in to "Brukers" webpage to access the software and documentation.




What is Topspin?

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