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<BR\> UiB communicate with students through e-mail and websites. Much important information will only be given by e-mail or via the message service on My Space.

The University requires that you obtain a user account with e-mail address at the University of Bergen.

Remember to read your mail regularly!

Here you will find links to information about the most important ICT services for students at the University of Bergen. In addition, you can use the search box at the left to find more information, or you can visit the main page of IT-help and click your way from there.

PC rooms and support

  • PC-assistants/support
  • PC rooms

Information and self-help

Your own PC

As a student at UiB you need access to computer services in order to complete your studies. To make use of these services you must open your own user account at UiB.

Your user account will provide you with:

  • Personal pages (My Space) with access to online learning resources and relevant academic information
  • Your personal e-mail address
  • Access to computer labs with printout facilities
  • Access to UiB’s computer system from your own computer