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See the [[service declaration]] for full details.
See the [[service declaration]] for full details.
[[no:Brukerstøtte for ansatte]]

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IT support for employees at UiB and Unifob is provided by BRITA, the IT departments service desk for employees.

We recommend navigating or searching for a solution to your problem or question.

Please also note our service declaration.

Contact information

  • Call us at (+47) 55 58 47 00 (8:00 - 15:45)

Before calling

Before you call our service desk we ask you to have this information available:

  • Your UiB user name
  • Your computer's name and IP adress: (for users with UiB Windows computers: Start - Support - Show Computer Info)
  • Your computer's IP adress can also be found in the footer of tjinfo.uib.no
  • The issue number, if you already have an issue for the same problem

What is BRITA

The name BRITA is an abbreviation of Norwegian for:

User support (brukerstøtte) from the IT department (IT-avdelingen) for employees (ansatte).

The services from BRITA include:

  • support on UiB technical equipment
  • installation or reinstallation of UiB PCs
  • adding available software on UiB PCs
  • answering or forwarding questions or requests regarding UiB IT services

See the service declaration for full details.