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Stata is software for statistical analysis and presentation, simulations, etc. The program is widely used in several research areas. The IT department has access to a number of licenses that units at UiB can rent.




Alfasoft AS

For Employees

Departments at UiB can hire license for the latest version of Stata IC for employees to use on Windows, Mac or Linux. Otherwise, contact Alfasoft for prices. The licenses are administered by the IT department and you have only the right to use licenses as long as the department pays maintenance for the licenses. (See further down on the termination of the license)

Prices and license types

Licensing is based on a one-time cost in addition to annual maintenance costs that are billed to the department using the licenses. As long as the department pays maintenance for the license you will be able to use the latest version of Stata IC.

Prices are as follows (all prices are inclusive of VAT):

  • Network licenses cost 307, -. These licenses should only be installed on PC-labs etc.
  • Single User License costs 848, -. Single User License can be installed on up to three computers as long as the computers belong to the same user. The program must not be used simultaneously on several machines with the same license. If a Single User License is only used on one machine the program can be used by several people on this machine. DVD may be available from the IT department for installation on machines that are not managed by the IT department.

All licenses must have a maintenance license as well. It costs 216, - per year regardless of the type of license one has. When new version of STATA is available, there shall not be paid extra to have the right to use this.

Request for License

Responsible for ordering at the department have to open an new issue in Issuetracker ( For installation on client-operated machines be sure to specify type of license, location code, name of the user and machinename. The IT-department can then add the program to the computer. If the program should be installed in a PC-lab, we need information about the building and room number.

The department will be billed by the IT department. Licenses for Stata is only valid as long as the department pays an annual maintenance costs for their licenses. The department will lose access to the licenses they no longer want to pay maintenance for.

Note: You do not get Stata installed (or DVD supplied) before it can be shown either that the license is in order, or that the order responsible at department will confirm that the department will pay the cost (internal charge).

Termination of license

If someone with Stata on their machine quits, the license may either be passed on to another machine with another user or the Dept notifies the IT department that they have a license that they will not pay for. The license is then removed from the machine, and the IT department will be able to offer the license to others. One can not under any circumstances keep Stata on computers if one is no longer working at UiB. If one has installed Stata manually, the program must be uninstalled because the license is no longer valid.


Students can purchase licenses at current prices from Alfasoft. Contact alfasoft if you have questions about versions and prices.

Which version of Stata is right for you?

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