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  • 'Wikihost' is a MediaWiki service the IT department provides to the faculties, institutes, departments and r ''Wikepedia is a good example, and Wikihost-service uses the same technology: ['' 'Mediawiki''']''
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  • == Servicename: Skjemaker( A self-help web based tool to help you create forms)== The IT-Department has now upgraded their web-based form making tool Skjemaker - – with ne
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  • UiB has shared licenses for a web-based tool for development, implementation and analysis of surveys. This to * Submissions of forms through e-mail, pop-up on websites or paper
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  • [[no:Lær deg å skrive godt for web]] ...ees. The course "How to write well for the web" (Lær deg å skrive godt for web) provides a basic introduction to using linguistic tools and text formattin
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  • The information is publicly available on several web pages. It is also possible to subscribe to operational messages from the IT *UiB Messaging service:
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  • ...ity, the service '''UNINETT FilseSender''' can probably help you. This web service allows you to upload files and make them available to those you choose via at UiB with a Feide user account (both students and staff) can use the service as long as your user account is active.
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  • ...agement_system Learning management system]. The system is available on the web and requires authentication with a valid [[user account|user account]]. My [[Category:Web services at UiB]]
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  • ...ient. Students and employees at UiB may use several tools and services wor web based data collection. ...r needs. On this page you will find an overview of web based form tools or services at UiB.
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  • ==Make your own web form== '''Skjemaker''' is a self service form tool suitable for creating web forms for registration for smaller events, course evaluations, applications
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  • '''Adobe Connect''' is a system for web conferencing, other Internet collaboration or interactive lectures. ...l for interactive lectures, but Adobe Connect is also suitable for regular web conferencing with two or more participants. More information will come here
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  • ==What are cloud services?== ...mputers with external suppliers accessed on the internet, typically with a web front end.
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  • ...r internet (cloud services), in addition to storage space available on the web (OneDrive). Please note that UiB's package does not include all services found in other flavours of the package. Notably, e-mail and calendar are
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  • Office 365 is a collection of cloud-based services and applications from Microsoft. sensitive information in the cloud with Office 365. See also [[Cloud services]].
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  • ...Talk:I want to contribute|discussion page]] via the link at the top of the web page in question. Someone with the wanted knowledge can then address your c Do not be afraid to edit web pages - everyone at UiB can edit, and we encourage everyone to contribute w
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  • ...The main findings from the survey will be published on the IT department's web pages.
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  • Several services may be useful for exchanging files with other users, depending on the spe IF you need to share your files with other users, the following services may be useful:
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  • # DISABLE JAVA in the web browser you are using on a regular basis! (Instructions on how to do this c ...ere you have not disabled Java. Do not use this browser for other pages or services!
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  • The IT department shall deliver stable, high-quality IT services that help users in their work. This service declaration applies to joint standard IT services for which the IT department has
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  • These pages aim to provide all staff and students well information about IT services at UiB and work as help to what's on the IT department's web pages are interesting.
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  • UiB's IT department was piloting a web conferencing tool called '''Dimdim''' until the end of July 2010. In other words, the Dimdim pilot is closed, and this service is no longer available from the IT department.
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  • is a collection of IT-administrative services that run on a terminal server. [[|600px|right]] ==Log on to the service==
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  • ...pplication on the (users) computer(s), and/or by direct use of the Dropbox web interface. The Dropbox web interface can still be used (see [ Dropbox]).
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  • This service connects your PC to the internet. You mus identify yourself with your user ...k be taken to the authentication page the first time you attempt to load a web page.
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  • ...ration]. We recommend eduroam because the communication is encrypted, more service are available, and the connection will automatically be available when vis ...automatic connection to the UiB net or the Internet. If you try to load a web page, traffic will be redirected to a guest portal where you may log in usi
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  • '''The IT department provides support for standardised IT services to students and staff, as well as guest lecturers in teaching rooms and a *[[IT services for visitors|Visitors]]
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  • This service will connecnt your device (portalbe PC, smart phone, pad, ...) to the inte ...n your device. You will be taken to the log-in page when you try to load a web page.
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  • MazeMap is an indoors navigation service helping you to find a place and your way there. You may use MazeMap in a regular web browser: [].
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  • * '''The technical solution recommended by UiB is Zoom Webinar''' which we find to be best suited and most secure. The solution and it | Procurement of headset and webcamera]
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