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Android (Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc.)


  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet, either by cellular or wireless network (Wi-Fi). In order to use Google Play you have to be logged in with your Google Account that was set up when your phone was new.
  • Open 'Google Play Store' and search for 'Skype for Business' . Then press 'Install' . You will be asked to accept access that the app needs to function. Please accept all, otherwise the app might not work properly.
  • After finishing installation, press 'Open' .
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  • Review the Terms of Use and press 'Accept' to proceed.
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    'Note:' Skype for Business may request access to your contacts. This is optional.
  • In the login window, type your entire 'email address. Then press the blue arrow (marked in red in the image).
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  • If everything goes well, Skype for Business will now ask for your 'UiB password' .
    Enter your password and then press the blue arrow to proceed
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  • Enter your UiB phone number and press the blue arrow.
  • Setup is complete. Swipe left to scroll through the instructions, then touch the blue arrow at the top right.
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    See also Microsoft's page for more information about using the app on Android.