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[https://hjelp.uib.no/tas/public/ssp/content/detail/service?unid=9686eac1c4ed456bacceca30c7fcbdb7 UiB has transitioned its "landline" phones from Skype for Business to Teams. Skype for Business will be discontinued. For updated information on these services and programs, please see UiBhjelp.]
[[File: Skype_for_Business_logo-transparent-background.png|100px|link=Skype for Business]]
Skype for Business (SfB) is a Microsoft program that enables you to communicate with others via instant messaging (IM), audio / voice and video calls. Skype for Business will be the primary phone solution at UiB in 2018.
When you start making calls with SfB, your regular physical office phone will be taken out of service, but you will keep your phone number (e.g 5558****). In case you only have a mobile phone covered by UiB today, you will not be able to call external calls with SfB, but you can 'skype' colleagues at UiB and use SfB for video conferencing and instant messaging.
On this page you will find information and user guides to get started with your new phone and collaboration tool. We recommend that you start with this course: [https://app.xtramile.no/courses/universitetetibergen E-learning course UiB]
= How to install =
On a UiB proviced PC, Skype for Business will already be installed.
On a UiB mac, SfB is provided via [[Mac OS X: Managed Software Center | Managed Software Center]]
= Login =
All UiB employees have access to Skype for Business with basic functions, but in order to make an external calls, you must also have a UiB phone number. Students and guests, by default, are not provided with SfB, but exceptions are made at the discretion of the department/institute.
== UiB PC ==
[[Skype for Business on Windows | Getting Started with Skype for Business on Windows]]
== UiB Mac ==
[[Skype for Business on Mac | Getting Started with Skype for Business on Mac]]
== UiB Sky for Linux ==
[[Sky for Linux | Getting Started with Sky for Linux]]
== Mobile Android ==
[[Skype for Business on android | Getting Started with Skype for Business on Android Phone]]
== Mobile iOS ==
[[Skype for Business on IOS | Getting Started with Skype for Business on iPhone]]
= Purchasing Guide =
[[Headset and Camera Purchase Guide | Headset and Camera Purchase Guide ]]

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