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Systat Software Inc



Sigmaplot at UoB

SigmaPlot for Windows can be ordered from the IT department and costs NOK 600, - per year. This means that you at any time can use the latest version of the SigmaPlot (maintenance agreement). License for SigmaPlot is on a separate licenseserver (60-network license/concurrent use). To use SigmaPlot you therefore have to be connected to the UiB network. Laptop computers must be connected UiB network using a VPN connection when the computer is not directly connected UiB via network cable. A user can have the program on a second computer (eg laptop), if one does not use the software on both machines simultaneously.


The order responsible at your needs to open an issue via issue tracker ( Please include location code, name of user, username and machinename. We can then add the software from the IT department. The payment will be billed by the IT department. Licenses at Sigma Plot is only valid as long as the department pay annual maintenance costs for their licenses. Department lose access to licenses they no longer want to pay maintenance for.