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The IT department at the University of Bergen has developed a solution for the safe handling of sensitive, person identifying data in research projects. The solution called SAFE (Secure Access to Research Data and E-infrastructure) is based on the Norwegian Code of Conduct for Information Security in the Health Care Sector and ensures security of information with respect to confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Through SAFE we offer a solution for staff, students and external partners to access dedicated resources for the processing of sensitive, person identifying data. As the leader of a research project SAFE provides you with a secure desktop to access your data. Computing power and relevant software is available from the secure desktop. The project manager controls access to the data and has an overview of the data transmitted into and out of SAFE.


File:SAFE E - For decision makers.pdf

Please cite your use of SAFE using a sentence like: Research was conducted using the Secure Access to Research Data and E-Infrastructure (SAFE, RRID:SCR_017246) system.