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UiB's information page about the corona virus Recommendations for Online Teaching and Learning

Here you will find information and recommendations on how you can work digitally (in light of the Corona virus), and where to get IT-support.

How to: Digital collaboration?

Teams is UiB's preferred platform for digital collaboration. It offers functionality for online meetings, file and desktop sharing, chat, task management, etc. Read more about Teams here.

How to: Online meetings?

Note! The IT-department strongly recommend using a headset with a microphone, not the computer's built-in speaker and microphone. More information in the purchase guide. Therefore, remember to have your headset available, also off-campus. If you do not have a headset, register a new issue to BRITA via UiBhelp.

How to move from classroom to online teaching and learning?

Read these recommendations for Online Teaching and Learning.

User support during the Corona virus

We try our best to maintain normal operation and service level. The primary point of contact for both staff and students is UiBhelp.