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What can I do if there is a printer error/failure?

  • Remember that you may always use another machine with Pullprint to print or copy!
  • Turn the printer off and on (this solves many problems and should always be attempted first).
  • Make sure the network cable is plugged into a wall outlet labeled (D). (T is a telephone outlet).
  • Unplug the network cable and plug it back in. Check if there is a green/orange flickering light where the cable is plugged into the printer.
  • Check if toner and paper levels are OK.
  • Make sure A4 is the selected as paper size on your printout.

I cannot log in to a Pullprint printer with my card; what's wrong?

There may be multiple reasons for this:

  • You aren't registered in the pullprint-system yet. You need a regular employee or student card or a guest account in order to be automatically added. Please note that there might be some delay after you collect your new card at Kortsenteret, before a new user or a new card is added to the PullPrint system. If you aren't in the system, you will most likely receive an error message about a PUK-code. If this is the case, please contact the IT division.
  • If the card reader is of the contactless type, your keycard will have to be registered when first used. Please see the instructions How to connect your employee/student card to your SafeCom PullPrint account.
  • Your card might be worn or damaged, the card reader will then have problems reading it properly.
  • You are using the wrong card. If you have both a student and an employee card, only one of these will work. If you have an active employee status, use the employee card.
  • The printer or the card reader might be temporarily out of order. Try turning it off and on. WARNING: please do not do this while logged on.
  • You are swiping your card too fast. Some card readers are more sensitive than others. On swipe-type card readers you should see a green light when the card is read successfully.
  • If you get the message "Credit too low", this normally means that you are out of credit on your Pullprint account, but if you are a new student, it usually means that you haven't deposited any money on your Pullprint account yet. You can top up your account at See Money on the Pullprint account.
  • Your print account in the Safecom system may have been locked, e. g. if you have entered an incorrect password three times when logging manually on to a printer. Your account will then have to be manually unlocked by IT-staff.

If you are unable to log in using you keycard, you may log on to printers with touch screen display using your user name and password. Touch the Pullprint icon to go to the login screen. This also requires that you are registered in the Pullprint system. If it doesn't work, please contact the IT division.

Money on Pullprint account - (students only)

Why did the printer charge the wrong amount?

Two-sided printing is the default. If you have a document with some blank lines at the bottom of the page, accidentally creating a second page, you will be charged two pages (2 x 0.25 NOK), even if there are only blank lines on page 2! Make sure you delete page breaks, blank lines etc at the bottom of the document. This prevents over-charging and gives you a tidier document.

If you still believe you have been incorrectly charged, please contact us through UiBhjelp. Remember to provide exact information about the time of the print job and the amount.

Credit Too Low - What does this mean?

What arrangements apply to organizational work for students?

/What solutions are available for student organizational work?/ Faculties and departments may provide extra print credits for students who are IT-assistants or members of various student organizations, UiB committees etc. Talk to your closest administration (department, faculty or organization), and they will tell you how to go about.

What arrangements apply to students who are part-time or have commitments at UiB? management prints

User guide does not work - Unable to find the right user guide

None of the tips on this page help / I need assistance from the IT department

The following information will help us reply to your request faster:

  • When did you last use the printer successfully?
  • Is the request about a Pullprint-machine?
  • Do you have problems on Mac, Windows or Linux?
  • Please contact us through UiBhjelp, or on phone 55584700