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[https://www.uib.no/en/it/152778/upgraded-service-printing-copying-and-scanning Please see information on www.uib.no about new system for print and copying.]
== Payment and prices ==
=== Web payment - payprint.uib.no ===
In order to use the PullPrint system, you must have a minimum amount of NOK 1,- deposited on your print account. Normally you visit http://payprint.uib.no (available when connected to the campus network or via [[Vpn | VPN]], when logged into your uib account on a windows-computer), and pay with Visa or MasterCard. This webpage requires authentication with the same user name and password that you would use to log on to Studentportalen. If you do not already have a valid VISA card or Master Card, you may purchase an anonymous SpendOn VISA gift card at all Narvesen, 7-Eleven og Shell/7-Eleven, and at most Kiwi, Joker, Meny, SPAR og Coop stores. Read more about this here: [http://www.spendon.no SpendOn]  or see summary below.
'''Please note that you can not withdraw unused funds from your print account, so do not deposit too much at a time.'''
SpendOn Gavekort is a Visa card that can be used in 25 million locations worldwide - including online stores. It may be purchased at any Narvesen, 7-Eleven and Shell / 7-Eleven. Here you can top it up with any amount between NOK 200,- and NOK 2000,- (norwegian kroner).
SpendOn Gavekort of values NOK 500,- and NOK 1000,- may also be purchased at Kiwi, Joker, Meny, SPAR and COOP stores across the country.
NB! When you buy a card, there is a NOK 39,- deposit fee in addition to the charge amount. The card can not be refilled or topped up after you have spent the initial balance.
The use of the card is free for the first 3 purchases with the card. After that there is a charge of NOK 3,- per transaction. Please note that there is a monthly administration fee of NOK 10,- from the 7th month after the date of sale. Administration fee increases to NOK 50,- per month after the card expiration date. If the gift card is used abroad it will be charged a foreign exchange fee of 2%.
It is not possible to use the card in an ATM.
To check your available balance, go to this page and enter the “Kunde-ID” of your card.
(“Kunde-ID” is the number in white print in the lower left corner on the backside of your card.)
The prices for copying and printing are specified below, but scanning is free of charge.  Note that you can not scan if you do not have credits in your print account.
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