Password changes at UiB

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Important considerations before changing your password

For all users

After you have changed your password you must log off the PC and then log on again.

Changing your UiB password from a laptop

If you are using a laptop set up by the IT department, you must be physically connected to the UiB network with a network cable when changing your password.

Do you have a mobile phone or mobile device?

If you use a mobile phone or other mobile devices to read e-mail or calendar, you must remember to make the corresponding password change.

If not, you may find that your UiB user account is locked because the device tries to log on several times with your old password.

How do I change my password?

In order to change your password, go to ttps:// For advice about how to create a good password, see - Avoid being hacked

If you have any questions, please contact User support before changing your password.