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Setting up VPN in Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard)

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Open Network
    OSX105 kontrollkanel.jpg

  3. Click [+ ] down to the left
    OSX10.5 nyVPN.jpg

  4. Choose "VPN" and "PPTP", and give the connections at name of your choice, like for instance "VPN UiB".
    OSX105 vpn pptp.jpg
    Click "create".

  5. Type (server address for students) or (employee server adress) or (according to your status as student or employee)
    OSX105 server.jpg
    Click "apply", and UiB VPN should be available.

Optional settings (saving time):

  1. Mark "show VPN status in menu bar" and you have easy access to the VPN connection via the menu bar.
  2. Under "Authentication settings..." you may type your paaaword to be remembered, to save the time of doing this later. But this is not recommended if the computer may be accessible with the same logon for others.
  3. Click "Apply" when you are finished.

OSX105 final.jpg