Mac OS X: Updating keychain password

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Update the keychainpassword

This information is to be used only if you have changed yout UiB password.

1: When you log in with your new UiB password, the computer will detect that you have changed your password. Read the text in the dialogbox and press "Oppdater nøkkelringpassord".

1 oppdater nokkelring passord.png

2: To change the password in your keychain, you must first enter your previous UiB password.

2 skriv tidligere passord.png

3: The password to unlock the keychain will now be updated to your new UiB password.

3 ferdig.png

NB! Note that you still need to update individual password to UiB services that you may have stored in the keychain.

Updating UiB password stored in the keychain

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