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This web page is under construction

Lab-IT is a new service provided by the IT department and developed in close collaboration with the laboratory environments. Lab-IT will ensure that unsecured and vulnerable instruments can be securely connected to the UiB network.

Connect a Lab-PC to Lab-IT

Lab-Administrator create an issue at http://bs.uib.no and give relevant information like building, department, research group etc.


The Lab-Administrator(s) manage access via portal.uib.no. If you want access, contact your Lab-Administrator.

Copy raw data from Lab-PC

Lab-PC's connected to Lab-IT will have raw data automatically copied from the Lab-PC to a temporary common area (Lab-IT storage). The common area are available from your office computer. The copy frequency are usually once per hour, but there may be local adaptations.

Each researchgroup have different storage area; see the table below for more information.

In the Lab storage, regular lab users should have read-only access. Only and Lab-Administrator(s) should have write-access. Data should be copied to the desired permanent area for further processing. Write-access is not necessary in order to copy data from Lab storage.

Monitoring and remote access

Monitoring and remote access to Lab-PC’s are possible from terminal servers. You must use RDP to connect to the terminal server, see the RDP guide below https://it.uib.no/en/Lab-IT#RDP

Each researchgroup have their own terminal server(s); see the table below for more information.

Image/backup of Lab-PC installasion and setup

Some Lab-PC's have a complicated installation or setup, and it can be difficult to recreate if anything bad should happen. IT-department can make an image of the hard drive that can be restored. It is possible to extract files form the image as well. Be aware of:

  • It is not possible to make image of all Lab-PC's
  • Sometimes, it is not possible to restore the image to another hard drive.

Would you like an image of a Lab-PC then you make an issue at http://bs.uib.no

Managed Lab-PC

The IT department is developing a special setup for Windows 10 that is particularly suited for lab PC.

Stand-alone/unmanaged Lab-PC

Unmanaged Lab-PC (not manged by IT-depatrment) can have raw data automatically copied to the Lab-IT storage and be monitored by a teminal server.

Long-term archiving (BILLY)

The IT department are developing an archive for long-term archiving of large amounts of «cold data”, named BILLY. If you like more information about BILLY, then make an issue at [BRITA/brukerstøtte]


Please report errors at http://bs.uib.no


Questions can be asked at http://bs.uib.no


Would you like to suggest any changes in the setup at a specific laboratory, please contact Lab-Administrator? If you like to suggest any generally changes to the Lab-IT setup please make an issue at http://bs.uib.no

Purchasing instruments

IT-department would like to give advice regarding to procurement of instruments. Supplies rarely consider IT-security or IT-management when they develop this kind of instrument and software. That is why these Lab-PC are vulnerable even they are new. Therefore, we should make demands in the requirement specification. If you like support from IT-department in this matter please make an issue at http://bs.uib.no

Overview LAB-IT

Institute Researchgroup Lab-Administrator(s) Terminalserver Path BILLY
GEO EARTHLAB [Eivind Wilhelm Nagel Støren] XENON \\Klient.uib.no\FELLES\LAB-IT\GEO\EARTHLAB\ \\klient.uib.no\FELLES\BILLY\Prosjekt\EARTHLAB\
GEO FARLAB [Pål Tore Mørkved] HELIUM \\klient.uib.no\FELLES\LAB-IT\GEO\FARLAB\ NA

User guide