Installing python virtualenv

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Virtualenv creates an isolated space for a project, together with a copy of all you need to run a python program. The virtualenv tool can f.i. be used to solve problems that arise from having multiple python projects with different/incompatible demands to the setup of a given system.

Installing virtualenv:

[user@hostname ~]$ sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

Creating an isolated space for a given project, with pip included:

[user@hostname ~]$ cd path/to/all/my/projects
[user@hostname allmyprojects]$ virtualenv myproject_env
[user@hostname allmyprojects]$ cd myproject_env
[user@hostname myproject_env]$ source bin/activate

Adding python packages to the prosject:

[user@hostname myproject_env]$ pip install pythonpackage
  • The packages will be stored in myproject_env/. They are only available to the given project.

To complete/close work on a project:

(myproject_env)[user@hostname myproject_env]$ deactivate