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Authoritative information! The content of this page is validated by the IT department at the University of Bergen..

This folder contains practical information for everyone teaching or organizing teaching in UiB's lecture rooms, both UiB employees and external users. The folder is also available in PDF format (download) and printed on paper. Please contact the IT Department through to order copies.

Most lecture rooms are equipped with projectors, stationary PCs, speakers and a control panel. Larger rooms also have microphones.

We encourage all teaching personnel to familiarise themselves with the equipment in advance. Note that it can take some time before all of the equipment is ready for use. Make sure you have sufficient time before the class starts.

Those organizing doctoral disputations should familiarise themselves with the content of this folder.

Use of stationary UiB PC

Employees and students at UiB can log on to the PC using their regular user accounts and passwords. Note that employees must choose the “UiB” domain, while students must choose the “Student” domain. Depending on who last used the PC, the domain may be either “UiB” or “Student”, so remember to check this.

Lecturers who do not have a UiB user account require a “guest account”. All UiB employees can create such an account. It would be natural that an employee at the institute/department hosting the lecturer generates the account.

The Department of Estate and Facilities Management or the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen (SiB) can create guest accounts to their respective tenants. Remember to do this in connection with assigning rooms.

PC assistants cannot create guest accounts.

When logging on with a guest account, you must choose the “Student” domain. More information on guest accounts is available here:

Use of own PC

Connection to projector

There should be a plug or cable available for connection to your own (laptop) PC. Connect this to your PC. If the cable is missing, please call the PC assistant to obtain one.

Some laptop PCs, particularly Macs, do not have a standard built-in video port (VGA), but require an adapter cable. If your computer requires such a VGA adapter cable, you should make sure you have one yourself.

You must select the correct source (“PC2”, “laptop”, etc.) on the control panel in the room, to display video from the laptop using the projector.

Note that most laptop PCs do not automatically display video using the connected projector. You usually have to press a special key or key combination to achieve this.

Familiarise yourself with this feature on your PC.


Connection to speakers

There should be a plug or cable available for connection to your own (laptop) PC. Connect this to your PC's audio output port.

If the audio plug is connected and you still don't hear any sound from the PC, try the following:

1. Check if the PC plays audio when the cable is disconnected. If not, check the audio settings on your PC.

2. Check that the cable is connected to the correct port on your PC. The external microphone port is similar to the audio output port, so it is easy to confuse them.

3. Check the volume settings on the control panel in the room.

If the speakers still don't work, contact the PC assistant.

Internet connection

All lecture rooms should have an available network cable for “Auditorienett”, usually labelled “AUD”. This provides a direct connection to the Internet when plugged into your PC.

Alternatively you can use the wireless network in most locations.

See the instructions here:

Other connectivity options

In several rooms the following is available:

  • Composite Video
  • S-Video
  • Phono plugs for audio (right and left)

You must bring your own cables and any required adapters to connect your own equipment to these connections.

The control panel

All video and audio control is done from the control panel in the room. This is either a switch panel or a touch panel (touch screen) installed in the desk, cupboard or cable conduit in the room.

Controls on the projector or the remote control should not be used.


The control panel allows you to:

  • Turn the projector on and off
  • Select source (between different PCs, video player, etc.)
  • Control volume
  • Control lighting (only in some larger lecture rooms)

When you turn on the projector or switch sources, it can take up to a minute before video displays.

Correct use of the equipment

  • Please use microphones in rooms where these are available. This is not least important in order to provide audio to the induction loop for those with hearing disabilities.
  • Do not move desks where equipment is installed, as cables/connections may dislodge or break.

Contact the PC assistant if you encounter problems. Do not move cables or reconfigure connections yourself.

After use:

  • Log off, but do not turn off the PC.
  • Turn off the projector (press “Off”, “Avslutt” or similar on the control panel).
  • Turn off and put back / return wireless microphones.
  • Return cables and other equipment that belongs in the room to their original place.
  • Remember to take your own equipment, cables, etc. when leaving the room.

Access to rooms

How to book rooms

All institutes and departments at UiB have access to UiB's room booking system. Contact your local room booker or the administration at your institute/department to book a room.

More information on booking rooms and schedules is available (in Norwegian) here: Information on the type of equipment available in the lecture rooms is available (in Norwegian) here:

How to access the room

Access procedures vary from location to location. It is therefore important to be aware of the procedures for the room you will be using. At many locations the premises are open during the daytime, but are closed e.g. at 4 p.m. or 6 p.m. If you will be using rooms outside of working hours, you must check what applies here.

If you need assistance

  • The PC assistant can assist with the use of computer and AV equipment during duty hours, ordinarily Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • There should be a notice in the room with the phone number to the PC assistant.
  • If you are lecturing in a room you are unfamiliar with, it is a good idea to be early or to visit the room beforehand to familiarise yourself with the equipment. You may also make an appointment with the PC assistant for a demonstration of the equipment in the room.
  • If you discover faults or irregularities in lecture rooms, please report them! See

An overview of PC assistants and local duty hours is available here:

If you are unable to contact the PC assistant, call the IT department's phone line for lecture rooms: (555) 88587 Also see