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[[no:IKT for studenter]]
<span class="plainlinks">
<font size="4" color=#00b0f0>Are you wondering which IT services UiB offer students?
<font size="5" color=#ff6666>As a UiB student, you get access to IT services that will be useful during your studies!</font><br> <br>
<font size="4">We recommend that you go through the [https://mitt.uib.no/courses/26343 '''Online course in digital tools, methods and technology to enhance learning for you as a student'''.] <br> which gives an introduction to the most important digital tools and services at UiB in under 30 minutes. </font><br><br>
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -</font>
Find the answer yourself: [http://it.uib.no/en it.uib.no/en]
Ask IT-assistants:  [http://it.uib.no/en/IT-assistants it.uib.no/en/IT-assistants]
Report an issue:  [http://bs.uib.no bs.uib.no]
<font size="4" color=#00b0f0>Lurer du på hvilke IT-tjenester UiB tilbyr studenter?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -</font>
Finn svaret på:  [http://it.uib.no it.uib.no]
Spør en IT-assistent: [http://it.uib.no/IT-assistent it.uib.no/IT-assistent]
Meld inn en sak: [http://bs.uib.no bs.uib.no]
== E-mail ==
'''UiB uses e-mail and webpages when communicating with students. A lot of important information will only be sent via e-mail or posted at [http://myspace.uib.no/ My Space (Mi Side)].'''
'''Consequently, it is mandatory that you create a user account at UiB.'''
{| style ="background-color:#F8F8FF" border="1" width="100%" cellpadding="10"
| '''Remember to check your e-mail regularly!'''
Here you will find links to the most important ICT-services for students at the University of Bergen. In addition you can use the search form on this page to find additional information, or use the hyperlinks from the [[Main_Page|main page]].
== Computer labs and user support ==
* [[Computer labs|Computer labs for students]].
'''Support for students''' is provided by [[IT-assistants]] at each of the University of Bergen faculties. If you do not find the help you need through this site, you may request user support in two ways:
* [http://bs.uib.no Issue-tracker (requires login with UiB user name and password)]
* [[IT-assistants|IT-assistants/User support for students]]
== Information and self-help ==
* [[User account]]
* [[E-mail|E-mail/webmail]]
* [[Pullprint|Printing services]]
* [https://wikihost.uib.no/uawiki/index.php/My_Space My Space], information and guidance from the [http://www.uib.no/ua/en Division of Academic Affairs]
* What does it mean? Check out our [[A-Z|A-Z-page]].
== Personal computer ==
* [[Personal_computer|Personal computer at campus and home]]
* [[Software on private PCs]]
== Guidelines and regulations==
(unfortunately only in Norwegian)
* [https://regler.uib.no/regelsamling/show.do?id=255 ICT-regulations]
* [http://regler.uib.no/regelsamling/showPrint.do?id=257#L4Slettingavbrukerkontiforviderekomnestudenter Regulations for creating, maintaining and deleting user accounts for students]
* [https://regler.uib.no/regelsamling/show.do?id=241  Common guidelines for reading rooms at the University of Bergen]
==<span class="plainlinks">[[file:Ftgnome-starthere_cc_freesvg.png|100px|left|link=https://mitt.uib.no/courses/26343]]</span><span class="plainlinks">[https://mitt.uib.no/courses/26343/pages/online-course-in-digital-tools-methods-and-technology-to-enhance-learning Online course in digital tools, methods and technology to enhance learning]</span>==
==[[file:ikon wifi COLOURBOX38156936.jpg|100px|left|link=eduroam]][[eduroam| How do I get wireless network on campus?]]==
==[[file:ikon tjenester COLOURBOX38156936.jpg|100px|left|link=Important_IT_services_for_students]][[Important IT services for students| What IT services and software can I get as a student?]]==
==[[file:ikon hjelp COLOURBOX38156936.jpg|100px|left|link=User_support_for_students]][[User support for students| Where can I get help with IT?]]==
==[[file:ikon smart og sikkert COLOURBOX38156936.jpg|100px|left|link=Work_smart_as_a_student]][[Work smart as a student|  How can I work smart and securely?]]==
==[[file:ikon verden COLOURBOX38156936.jpg|100px|left|link=Work_from_home]][[Work from home| How can I work from home/away and get access to UiB services?]]==
==[[file:ikon utskrift COLOURBOX38156936.jpg|100px|left|link=Pullprint]][[Pullprint| How can I print?]]==

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