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This page contains solutions or answers for known problems of a general type.

Why can't i log on to the computer?

There could be several causes. Note that after more then three attempts with wrong password (for example with Caps Lock on), your account will be locked. You will then have to wait fifteen minutes before you can try again.

  1. Check that the domain is set to STUDENT, or UIB (for employees).Check that Caps lock is not on and that Num Lock is off.
  2. Check the cables for keyboard, mouse and network.
  3. If you still can't log on, restart the computer and try again.

Check also [| Log on problems] for more information.

The Program hangs. What do i do?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, click the option Task manager, choose the program that hangs, and click the button End task. Possibly logg out and in, or turn the computer off and on again.

My screen is black. What do i do?

Check that all the cables are properly connected. Turn the screen off and on again. If the computer has entered sleep mode,it will turn on if you hold the power button down. Possibly hold the power button for five seconds until it turns off, and do the same to turn it on. For Laptops: shift between screens for the laptop and external scren with [Fn] + [CRT/LCD].

I cant log on Citrix for Administrative systems. What do i do?

Run Start -> Support -> Reparere Citrix ICA klient. Possibly turn the computer off and on again. Wait ten minutes and try again. If the user has switched computer or it's been moved to another part of the UiB-network, must the new IP-address be added to the access list. This is done by contacting the IT-department via telephone (555)84700 or

Why does it take so long to log in?

See Why can't i log off the computer?

Why can't i log off the computer?

It's most likely because your Windows-profile is too big. Maximum limit is 60 MB. Move big files and possibly folders from the desktop to your home folder (you can create shortcuts to the desktop). Some programs puts files in your Windows-profile.

My computer is acting weird,have i gotten a virus?

The most common way to get a virus, is by downloading an unknown program from the internet, or by opening attachments you don't know what are. [| Managed computers] by UiB is protected by [| Anti Virus Software] and is normally used by an account who doesn't have access to install viruses or any other programs. If a UiB-computer have gotten an virus, the IT-department must be contacted and we will re-install the computer. Private computers that spread viruses will be blocked from the UiB-network, and can be given access again once the computer is virus free.

One of my programs isn't working or is acting weird. What do i do?

Ask one of your colleagues if the program works for them. If yes: log on to another computer. If you get the same error you will need a new profile. If it works on another computer, we will have to re-install your computer. If the program doesn't work for your colleagues either there might be a server that is down or possibly a local networks problem, either way contact the IT-department.

Mouse / keyboard doesn't work. What do i do?

Check the cables. OBS: wireless keyboard/mouse is dependent on batteries, swap the batteries.

Why don't i have "Reparer Mozilla / Outlook / Citrix"?

You need a new profile. Contact the It-department.

My screen picture is rotated, what do i do?

Solution: Click the Screen icon next to the time and date icon, right click it and check the "Grafikkalternativer/Grafikkegenskaper/Rotering". Default is that everything is set to "Normal".

Why does the screen lock itself all the time?

This is a security setting. After a few minutes without activity the computer gets locked, and screensaver gets turned on. You are then required to type in your credentials to unlock the computer. You can change how often the computer will be locked by going to: start -> Control panel -> Power options -> Change plan settings -> Turn off the display.

How do i change the language on the start-menu desktop, etc?

You can Change the language of the Operating system (Windows 7) by going to: Start -> Control panel -> Region and Language -> Keyboards and Languages -> Choose a display language.