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Using forms helps you collect specific information in a systematic way. With web forms this is made simple and efficient. Students and employees at UiB may use several tools and services wor web based data collection.

Different tools for different needs

To avoid shooting sparrows with cannons, or elk with a slingshot, it's wise to consider alternative tools based on your needs. On this page you will find an overview of web based form tools or services at UiB.

(We do not deal with document forms such as Word, Excel or PDF format, whether they are distributed and collected on paper or digitally. However, the survey tool (see below) has the possibility to export forms to document formats. Such forms may be distributed on paper, as e-mail attachment, or entered by telephone queries. The responses may then be manually plotted into the survey tools for further processing.)

The tools/services offered are:

  • Web form (Skjemaker) - for easy form creation
    For simple web based forms with standard functionality. This is a self-service tool that is suitable for registration for smaller events, course evaluations and the like. Standard elements can be added to the form by drag-and-drop, and the content can be adapted to specific needs.
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  • Advanced registration form (tailored in collaboration with the IT division)
    If you need more advanced functionality than Skjemaker can offer, the IT division can offer a more flexible tool. This requires more expertise and access to the University's systems and databases. Therefore, it is used in collaboration with the IT division. Examples of use are attendance forms to larger conferences, application for welfare cabins and Health and Safety reporting.
  • Surveys (SurveyXact)
    If you are are going to carry out major surveys for scientific or administrative purposes, UiB has access to a complete tool for such use. The tool is called SurveyXact and has the functionality and flexibility to meet most needs in different types of surveys from start to finish.
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We have here compared to the tools with respect to their application, functionality, security and possibilities for processing of data. we hope this will be helpful when you shall choose what tools to use.

(Please note that you may click on the arrows in the column headers to sort and collect the available options for each tool/service.)


Skjemaker Advanced registration forms in copperation with the IT division SurveyXact
Simple registration for smaller events Yes Yes, if you need functionality not offered by Skjemaker Yes, if you are familiar with this tool
Solution for on-line payment No Yes No
Advanced booking management for major events (eg automatic available seats update, tranfer to waiting list at full event, etc) No Yes No
Complete conduction of user surveys Yes No Yes
Course evaluation Yes No Yes


Skjemaker Advanced registration forms in copperation with the IT division SurveyXact
Premade form elements such as text, drop-down menu, single or multi-choice questions Yes Yes Yes
Mandatory answers to single questions Yes Yes Yes
Validation of entered data (date, e-mail, address etc) Yes Yes? Yes (also other validations)
Respondent may change his/her response at a later time Yes Yes Yes

Entered data may be edited by administrator (except for anonymous surveys) Yes Yes Yes
Preview of responses befor submitting Yes No No
Dispatch via e-mail or webpage Yes Yes Yes
Notification by e-mail to users can be customized Yes Yes Yes
Link to information in databases or previous surveys No Yes Yes
Display participant list Yes Yes, but functionality must be adjusted on each form No
Conditional Logic for showing/hiding fields and pages Yes Yes Yes
Adapted to mobile devices (iphone, Android, ipad..) Yes No Yes
Supports multiple languages (out of the box) Yes No No
Supports signature Yes No No
Supports file upload Yes Yes No
Password protection available Yes Yes Yes
Captcha (program that protects against entry by "robots"”) Yes No No
llows temporary storage of data Yes Yes No
Possible to re-use form Yes Yes Yes


Skjemaker Advanced registration forms in copperation with the IT division SurveyXact
Anonymous entries supported Yes (personal Id not required but entries may be linked to IP address) Yes Yes, recommended for surveys including sensitive data
Password protection available Yes, common passwod for all respondents Yes Yes
Encrypted connection (https) Yes Yes Yes
Possible to limit to one reply per user Yes (Possible to limit to one reply per computer (based on IP address) as well as require unique values in single fields) Yes Yes
Captcha (program that protects against entry by "robots"”) Yes No No

Processing of entered data

Skjemaker Advanced registration forms in copperation with the IT division SurveyXact
Tool includes data analysis Yes Yes, but requires support from the IT division Yes
Data may be exported to csv (open text format with delimiting characters) Yes Yes Yes
Data may be exportet to Microsoft Excel format Yes Yes Yes

What do I need?

The tool isn't everything

To acquire the information you need, it is not only the tool that matters. Preparation and method are also important. This is not a checklist, but some important questions to ask are:

  • What is the purpose or purposes of acquiring the answers?
  • Who should fill out the form?
  • What information do the repondents need?
  • What information do you need to ask people to fill in? (What is superfluous and what can be obtained elsewhere?)
  • How do you ask so that the respondent provides the information you want, and in the desired form?
  • Should the information be linked to existing or future information?
  • Do you need to know who have responded, or should answers be anonymous?

Important: Before you send a questionnaire to many people, it must be adequately tested, both of yourself and others.

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