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Contact Info: tlf: 22 89 10 10

Provider Adobe and Microsoft software are Crayon.

Order Procedures: Orderresponsible at the department order via BaswarePM

Choose CRAYON AS-82(CRAYON AS-82) if you want to order adobe products (eg. Photoshop CC, Acrobat Pro etc.)

Also choose Crayon (CRAYON AS-82) if you are ordering Microsoft Product (Eks MS Visio, MS Project mm.)

Only Orderresponsible at the department can order.

Click here for order manual (pdf file) Click here to order manual (odt file).

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has started a new type of licensing for some of their products. The former name of the product family was Adobe® Creative Suite (CS) (You where then owning the license you where buying). The new system for licensing Adobe is called Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) and is based on a annual rent as long as you wishes to use the product. You can then at any time use the latest version.

About Adobe Creative Cloud (CC)

There are two kinds of license for Creative Cloud: «Named user»-license and «per device»-license. For both license types you have to pay an annual license fee as long as you wishes to use the license. In practice it is billed for the number of months remaining to December 10 (the date when the agreement was signed in 2014). Before this date you must renew the agreement for another 12 months if you want to continue to use the license(s).

Only employees at UiB can use these licenses . You can only use the license/software in UiB context (not for commercial use).

It is Important to order right kind of license based on the desired use. See further explanation below:

«Named user»-license (office use)

  • "Named user" License applies to a named user for up to two PCs. Only this named user has the right to use the license.
  • You will then get access via Adobe ID (login). You will receive an invitation from the IT department. Others who logs on to a UiB computer with this type of license will not be able to use the software.
  • When a license is ordered you should contact us through UiBhjelp, informing about who will use the license and the computer name if available. We also need the PM-number from the order as soon as this number is ready. In that way the IT department now who owns the license, and to who the invitation should be sent.
  • This type of license can be used on up to two computers. License can be used on a private computer used in UiB context (not for commercial use).

Read more here :How to creates an adobe ID after you have been invited by email

«Per device»-license (Public / Lab-PCs)

  • This license is used for public PC's or other PC's where more people want access to the program from one machine (eg computer rooms).
  • There is only one installation per license (Therefore it is slightly cheaper).
  • This license can not be used on private computers.

Typical Adobe CC products

Here is a list of some programs where you can no longer purchase the license, only rent:

Creative Cloud for teams (Complete. If you buy more than two products this will pay off)

Photoshop CC

InDesign CC

Illustrator CC

Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

After Effects CC

Adobe Audition CC

InCopy CC

Flash Professional CC

Prelude CC

SpeedGrade CC

Edge Inspect CC

Edge Animate CC

Adobe Muse CC

Purchasing licenses

For these products you can still buy license (one-time fee for a specific version)

Acrobat Professional

Photoshop Elements

PHSP & PREM Elements

Premiere Elements

As a software version starting to become outdated manufacturer will stop delivering security updates. In these cases, the software will pose a security risk for UiB computers. The software version will then be phased out and you must buy a new license.

Licensing Rules for Microsoft Software in brief:

This applies to education licenses ordered from Crayon. In practice, this applies to MS Visio and MS Project from Microsoft.

  • The computer included the software license shall be owned by the University of Bergen (UiB).
  • The software should be used for UiB related work (Can not be used commercially. Commercial license is up to 10 times more expensive)
  • You can have the software on one additional machine as long as it is only a single user who uses the software on both computers. It must be the same operating system on both computers (Windows or Mac).The software should not be used on both computers simultaneously. (MS Visual Studio can only be installed on one computer per user license.)
  • When licenses used at computer rooms, or other cases where a computer has multiple users, you can not install the software on additional computers.
  • When employees or students stop working/studying at UiB they have NO LONGER right to use licenses purchased by the University of Bergen. Other within UoB can possibly take over the license.
  • The licenses may initially not be upgraded. If you need a new version a new license must be purchased.
  • As a software version starting to become outdated manufacturer will stop delivering security updates. In these cases, the software will pose a security risk for the computers at UoB. The software version will then be phased out and you must buy new license.