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Please see [[Connecting to your Unix home directory in Ubuntu Linux]] for an updatet guide.
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You need to be logged on to the UiB [[Vpn | VPN]] to be able to connect your home share.
1) Go to ''Places'' and ''Connect to Server...''
[[Image:ubuntu_hjem1.jpg|300px|Hjemmeområde i Ubuntu Linux]]
2) Choose ''SSH'',
- If your are a student: type: '''rasmus.uib.no''' under ''server.''
- If you are employed at UiB, type '''nturt.uib.no''' or skuld.uib.no (central or faculty administration) or platon.uib.no (HF) or another server (If you are employed at UiB and are not sure about the name and path of the server and yopur home share, you may check your work computer, a colleague, or contact [https://bs.uib.no/ BRITA]),
- Type 22 as ''Port'' number
- and type the path to youe home share behind ''Folder'',
*(check the tips at the end of this guide),
- type in your ''User Name'',
It is possible to make a bookmark for this connection to avoid doing all this every time you need the connection. Then you also need a name for the bookmark, e.g. UiB home share.
[[Image:ubuntu_hjem2.jpg|300px|Hjemmeområde i Ubuntu Linux]]
3) Your home share should now show as a network folder on the desktop.
[[Image:ubuntu_hjem4.jpg|300px|Hjemmeområde i Ubuntu Linux]]
4) * Tips to find the path to your home share folder on the server (Rasmus for students)
Connect using a FTP program (e.g. [http://filezilla-project.org/ filezilla]), with the following settings:
Host/server: '''sftp://rasmus.uib.no''' (employees use other servers, look above)
User name: '''your UiB user name'''
Password: '''your UiB password'''
Port: '''22'''
Connect and observe tha path under ''"Remote site"''. This is what you use as ''Folder'' for other types of connections.
[[Image:ubuntu_hjem3.jpg|300px|500px|Hjemmeområde i Ubuntu Linux]]
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