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#REDIRECT[[ChemDraw Professional]]
[[Category:Site licence software]]
MatNat Faculty has site license for ChemBioDraw. Read more about [[:Category:Site licensed software | Site licensed software]]
===Managed Windows-PC===
ChemBioDraw is packed software and the IT department can install the program automatically. Just make an issue at https://bs.uib.no/, or call 555 84700 (for employees).  Please include your [[computer name]].
In addition, you must create an account at på http://sitelicense.cambridgesoft.com/sitelicense.cfm?sid=2511 and download an installation code.
<BR>'''NB!''' Please type your email address like this '''username@uib.no'''
===Privat and student PC===
All staff and students can download the software from this web page.
===What is ChemBioDraw?===
[[Category:Site licence software]]
[[Category:Private computer]]
[[Category:Private computer]]
[[Category:Windows software]]
[[Category:Mac software]]
[[Category:Mac software]]

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