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Checklist for changing of job/affilation internal on UiB

This is for employees who are changing workplace from one unit (Department/institute) to another.

Students who becomes employees, applies for a normal employee account.

Employees who needs an student account can create this themselves, click the link "student" under Create Account. One has to be semester registered minimum one hour before one can create an account through Sebra.

This counts primarily for persons who both in old and new position are paid with a monthly salary from UiB or UNIFOB.

Other routines may apply if you aren't paid monthly by UiB or UNIFOB.

Changing of Department

If you already have an Employee account active or blocked, you should not apply for a new. You will use the same userid in your new employment. ITA and SEBRA will possibly change your email etc. to reflect your new position.

Approvers can give access to the departments network locations and intranet pages without a formal application. (new since 15 September 2009).

What does an employee need to do with changing of job

  • Make sure that the department he or she quits/starts at reports to Personal- og økonomiavdelingen (POA) about the new affiliation.
  • The information in the personnelsystem (PAGA) is the basis for the affiliation in the data systems and must be in order to be able to get the correct accesses.
  • The information in the personellsystem is also the basis for the entries in the electronic telephone directory and in the IT-department support-system IssueTracker.

Access to the new units network locations

The easiest way to get access to the network locations for your new department is to contact an approver, who can give you access through SEBRA. (Note that this only counts for network locations related to an department that's being administrated through SEBRA.)

Network locations that aren't related to departments needs to be handled outside of SEBRA.

Report to the IT-department about moving

When you report to the IT-department about Changing Workplace/affiliation will we:

  • Change your email address so it reflects which unit you have a new affiliation with.

(Your old email address will still work and all emails sent to it will still be shown in the inbox of your new email.)

  • Consider if your storage locations on the network (home- and profile catalogs) should be moved to another server, and possibly

conduct this change.

If your computer is moving with you, from one location to another in conjunction with your new changes

Report to the IT-department about this- preferably before you move the computer - by calling BRITA (555)87400 or creating an issue in issuetracker

Inform us with (If it is know):

  • Where you are moving from (place, room)
  • Where you are moving to (place, room)
  • The name of the computer (Can be found in Windows by choosing: start -> support -> show computer info)
The IT-department will make sure the computer will get access to the network on the place you are moving to,

and they will update the new name/information about the computer in our systems.

If you are Changing telephone number

Normally you keep your telephone number when you change job.

You would just order Moving of number to your new location.

If you are changing to a new number, the telephone central needs to be notified, so they can update their number directory.

(Call the telephone central at intern number 9 or register an issue in )

your username and password does not change when you change job/affiliation

Your username will never change.You can change your passord in SEBRA.