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Different programs in different systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) processes print options differently. Unfortunately, the printout does not always match what you think you ordered. Notably, this concerns the choices for color, grayscale and black / white. Grayscale is often produced with color ink, hence you will be charged "color prices". The safest method is to select black / white printing at the printer setup, and not inside the application software.

Default print settings

It is recommended to set the default settings on the printer to black / white. Guidance (Norwegian only). On October 17th, new settings will be distributed on all UiB managed Windows computers and the default print settings will then be black / white.

Example from Adobe

"Print in Grayscale (black-white)" will produce a grayscale printout made with color ink, as long as the printer setup is set to colors.


Therefore, choose Properties, and set the printer setup to black / white.


Example fom Google Chrome

"Color" selected in the Chrome print menu overrides black / white selcted in the printer setup.


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