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Under construction This page is under construction. Last update at 2011-01-12 by Nbofh.

Why use Zotero

Zotero is a tool for managing reference libraries and citation sources. Employees and students at UiB can use EndNote or Reference manager for this purpose. Is there then a need for another tool?

Here are a few reasons for using Zotero

  • Zotero is free software. This means that students and employees can continue to use Zotero regardless of their affiliation with UiB.
  • Zotero supports many word processing and text processing systems on several platforms. Most notably Zotero works with OpenOffice.org, LaTeX and Microsoft Office. EndNote and Reference Manager is limited to Microsoft Office.
  • Zotero can syncronize your reference library with a central server. Thus you can use the same reference library on several machines with great ease.
  • With Zotero you can share specific parts of your reference library with your research group. This can prove invaluable in your research work.

Zotero can import referencex directly from the web page you found the resource on. Examples include BIBSYS, BORA and PubMed to name but three.

Currently Zotero is implemented as an extention for Firefox. Thus it works on all platforms supported by Firefox. Work is underway to create a stand-alone application called Zotero Everywhere. This will bring the power of Zotero to Googel Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer on Linux/Unix, Mac og Windows as well.