Work smart as a student

From IT-help UiB
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Our tips and recommendations to work efficiently and effortlessly as a student:

  1. Always use Eduroam wireless network. UiB-guest is an insecure network which only should be used by guests who cannot use eduroam. Eduroam is secure, available many places all over the world and tailored for academic use.
  2. Use Office365. You get software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.), collaboration tools and storage. Explore the possibilities and use them!
  3. Store your files in OneDrive - and use its functions the share files and collaborate. Always store your files in a secure place. Your own PC may fail or get stolen. OneDrive enables you to manage access for other users so they may read or contribute to your documents.
  4. Keep updated on your e-mail and MittUiB so you get relevant information from UiB.
  5. Contact the IT division if you have questions, need help or advice on IT. We are here to help!