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For UiB PCs set up by the IT-department, both Windows and Linux, the software gets distributed centrally. That means that all the software usually get added from the IT-department. Software can only be added from the IT-departmentif there exists an installation package of the software.

Some software aren't covered by the site license (license for UiB), but covered by a purchase agreement. It is the departments responisibility to buy licenseses if needed.

The IT-department offers client setup for Windows and Linux. For Mac there are some services available, but centralised software distribution is (for now) not available. Therefore, the software needs to be manually installed.

How to get software installed

To get a certain software (that has an installation package) installed on your computer, you need to get in contact with the IT-departments support for staff (BRITA). Please contact us through UiBhjelp, or on phone 55584700. Remember to state your machine name.

If the software requires a license, please have that sorted out before getting in touch with the IT-department. The IT-department will not add the software to your machine before the softwares license is ordered. The person responsible for ordering, is also responsible for ordering licenses. The order will be documented by adding the order confirmation to the issue, or by giving the IT-department the PM-number that you recieve when ordering through Basware PM (such as Adobe software).

For software where no installation package exist, a package needs to be made. When obtaining new software, it is important that you are aware of which software licenses that can be used at UiB. If you are not sure about this, please contact the IT-department.

Software for client setup Windows machines

An overview over wich software that at any time is available as installation packages for client Windows machines:

There are some software that aren't compatible with Windows 7. You can find a list of these incompatible installation packages here. If you have a need for further information on what software that works on which version of Windows, please contact BRITA.

Software for client setup Linux machines

An overview over what software that is available for Linux client machines, look in the Ubuntu Software Center on your Linux machine.

Software for client setup Mac machines

The IT-department doesn't give central client software distribution for Mac (yet). Therefore the software needs to be installed manually on Mac.

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