Policy for connecting equipment to the network

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What equipment can /cannot be connected to UiB's wired network?

Wireless devices

Due to security reasons it is not allowed to connect wireless devices or other access points to UiB's network. Wireless devices will often create a lot of noise for the wireless services Eduroam and UiB-guest and causes unstable coverage. Examples of such equipment are: Apple Time Capsule router, switch

You can read more about Eduroam and UiB-guest here:

Managed computers / unmanaged computers

IT department provides client managed computers with Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.04 and Mac OS 10.8. Client managed means that the computer is installed by the IT department and it will be updated automatic. Computers installed by the IT-department will have a permanent connection directly to the wired network (fixed IP) and will automatically get access to among other home directory, email and printers. Computers that are not installed by the IT department can access the wired network but must also set up a VPN connection. This applies to private computers, UiB owned machines, and all others computers. You can read more about client managed computers and VPN here: