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Skaffe lisens til Insync OneDrive klienten for Linux

In order to use Insync for Linux beyond the 14-day trial you need a license.

A license can be requested from the IT-Department through

This particular license is made with your mail, and not the, as most accounts are. Please provide the correct mail when you make the request, and remember this for the login later on.

Getting started with Insync and OneDrive for Linux

Insynq 1.png

  • 2: Select Ubuntu, 18.04, 64 bit installers.

Insynq 2.png

  • 3: Save the file where you can find it.

Insynq 3.png

  • 4: Open the file with "Software Install".

Insynq 4.png

  • 5: Click "Install".

Insynq 5.png

  • 6: Autenticate if needed

Insynq 6.png

  • 7: Access and run the installed software.

Insynq 7.png

  • 8: Select "Add OneDrive".

Insynq 8.png

  • 9: Autenticate with

Insynq 9.png

  • 10: Enter your regular UiB-password.

Insynq 10.png

  • 11: Click "Accept" if you are alarmed that software requires rights.

Insynq 11.png

  • 12: You are now ready to synchronise your OneDrive.

Insynq 12.png

  • 13: Name the path where you'd like OneDrive to sychronise files.

Insynq 13.png