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How do I log in to read my e-mail?

Your e-mail is available on

Students: Log on with and your regular UiB password
Employees: Log on with e-mail address, usually, and your regular UiB password

What is Exchange Online?

Exchange Online is a Microsoft email service that relies on Exchange as a cloud solution. Operation and advanced support is done at Microsoft. Because the solution is both operated and owned by Microsoft itself, this solution is always up to date and always in the latest version. Microsoft promises 99.9% uptime on this service.

Is Exchange Online safe?

Yes, it is secured at Microsoft's high-security data centers, both against digital and physical penetration. Data is always stored in two locations. If one location has an outage or becomes inaccessible, traffic will automatically be routed to the next location. At the same moment, replication of the data to a third location also starts to ensure that the data again exists at two locations.

You can read more about this here:
Microsoft and ISO/IEC 27001
How Exchange Online secures your email secrets
How Exchange Online uses TLS to secure email connections

We recommend setting up multifactorauthentication (MFA) for Microsoft 365. This will be activated for all employees in due time.
Because of this, only emailclients and applications that support modern authentication kan be used with Exchange Online. Protocols like POP, IMAP and ActiveSync will not be supported.

Where is my data stored?

As of June 2020 the data in Exchange Online for UiB is physically stored in Microsoft's data center in Ireland. In the long term, UiB will move all services to Microsoft's two data centers in Norway; this is expected by 2021.

How to log in to webmail in Exchange Online

Please follow the link

How much storage space do I have in Exchange Online?

You get 100GB of storage in your mailbox. A 100GB archive is available as well.

Will students receive email in Exchange Online?

Yes, all students will be given an account in Exchange Online in the fall of 2020.

How to set up Outlook

Outlook is automatically configured on Windows machines which are run by the IT division. Follow the guides below for each platform.
Guide for Windows
Guide for Mac
Guide for Linux
iPhone: Set up email in Outlook for iOS mobile app
Android: Set up email in the Outlook for Android app

Students: sign in with <user name>
Employees: sign in with your email address, <first name>.<last name>

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