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UiB's previous agreement with HomeNet is expired as of Sept. 30, 2015. From now on, UiB will no longer pay for broadband/internet connection to home addresses. Employees who have been granted funding from employer for internet at home due to job needs, will now receive a compensation.

Network has increasingly grown to become a part of the home infrastructure and the needs are more diverse. UiB has accordingly decided not to continue a common agreement, but rather to enter into a regular monthly compensation for employees whose job needs require internet access at home.

This will make for a more flexible arrangement, allowing the employees to choose the supplier that best covers their needs.

The monthly compensation is NOK 350. This requires that the employee incurs continuing costs for his or her broadband service. This will have to be confirmed in an egreement betwwn UiB and the employee.

The compensation will appear as a separate line on your salary statmenet, marked as "EK-tjenester". You will be taxed in the same way as before. The compensation will start on September 1, 2015, but will for technical reasons appear on salary statements from October on.

HomeNet will contact all present subscribers and offer continued delivery at the same price and contitions as in the UiB agreement. Depending on chosen speed, the price will vary between NOK 249 and 269 per month, plus an additional line fee at NOK 69 if you do not have a landline phone. If you choose to decline the offer from HomeNet, you are free to enter into an agreement with another supplier. You must then cover any connection cost yourself.